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All great ideas need capital. We help you get started with an investment of $200k - $400k in the form of convertible notes, SAFE or preferred stock

all along the way

We help you throughout your entrepreneurial journey by providing hands-on mentoring. Suvan Ventures and associated experienced industry professionals will advise you on the product, product market fit, GTM, branding, marketing, channels, funding strategies, etc.

to enable growth

You can grow faster with the right connections. We offer the opportunity to leverage our network of funds, investors, partners and system integrators, successful entrepreneurs.

Our investment focus

Frequently asked questions

Suvan Ventures invests in B2B Indian crossborder SaaS companies (those which sell into global markets like the US and Europe but have development/customer success/marketing teams in India). 

Key investment areas are:

  • Horizontal areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Cloud Infrastructure, Devops.
  • Vertical Industry areas like Healthcare, Enterprise 4.0, Retail, Fintech, Mobility, Commerce tech.
  • Business areas like Supply Chain, Future of Works, Legal, Sales & Marketing.

Suvan Ventures will be investing in the early (pre-seed and seed) stages. Companies having at least their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in place can apply. If it is a revenue generating company, it is even better.

The challenges for SaaS companies are unique in nature. Early in their journey, they need help in getting the right product market fit and GTM strategy in place. Later on, they need help with marketing, channels, partnerships and future financings. Suvan Ventures provides portfolio companies with hands-on mentoring across their whole life cycle, not just from the Suvan Ventures team but also  from a diverse group of experienced professionals in India and the US. The founders can consider Suvan Ventures to be an extension of their own team with whom they can freely brainstorm strategy and execution.


Network of Suvan Ventures:

Suvan Ventures has an extensive network of  Investment Partners, System Integrators, Successful Entrepreneurs and Companies. We  continually explore synergies with our portfolio and make appropriate connections when there is a match. Lastly, Suvan Ventures has credits, discounts and promotional rates for portfolio companies from Cloud providers, SaaS solutions, legal and financial firms.


Suvan Ventures will look to invest $200k  initially and upto $200k over the lifetime of a portfolio company. Additionally, it will help portfolio companies in completing the round by socializing the portfolio amongst its LPs, marquee VCs and Angels. 

Yes, Suvan Ventures will be investing in follow-on rounds depending on the round dynamics. It will also help the portfolio company  by introducing them to investors who could come invest in future rounds.

Suvan Ventures will do the initial screening of applications it has received. After the screening, it will hold 1-2 meetings with the companies. Companies which qualify from this stage will be presented to an Investment Committee. Once the Investment Committee approves, Suvan Ventures will make an investment offer. Besides this, Suvan Ventures may also decide to conduct due diligence calls with current and potential customers to better understand the pain points, pricing, etc. 

Our Portfolio


Managing Partner

Amongst the most seasoned B2B investors in India, Radhesh brings rich operational experience in the enterprise technology space. He is a self-driven professional ready to take up challenges. He started Arka Venture Labs along with 3 anchor investors in 2018 August with the objective of investing, mentoring, and providing connections to the ecosystem for B2B startups between the India and US corridor. The fund has made 27 investments till end of 2021 out of which there are 5 exits and 14 uprounds (Sequoia, Insight Partners, Nexus Ventures, Lightspeed, Matrix, B Capital, , Facebook to name a few). Radhesh also mentors his portfolio startups in areas like product, product market fit, GTM, channels strategy, branding, uprounds etc.

Bringing the experience of the past
to build the future


Founder, Firsthive

Radhesh is an incredible partner to the founder. I have found him very engaged, empathetic and invested in our success emotionally, beyond just the money. Most importantly, he is always available and just a call away. He is a wonderful sounding board, always ready to work the network and thinking about the company – like an extension of our team.


Co-founder, Airavana

Our interactions with Radhesh started with exchanging sentiments from the markets, insights from potential customers, what we are planning to build, what our long term vision is, etc. Those were really healthy discussions and it was not just the Arka team who got to know about our thought process but we also gained from their understanding of the market. It was great to know the way the Arka team was analyzing the market, their GTM analysis, technical ability to understand the cloud platform that we are building etc. Will highly recommend Radhesh to every B2B cross border startup who are looking beyond just money in their early investors.



I have had the pleasure of working with Radhesh both as an investor and a mentor helping us with product, GTM strategy and much more. He is one of the rare VCs that is deeply empathetic to the founder journey, goes the extra mile to understand the market & business and truly gets hands-on and helps when required. I strongly believe his experience and connections can be a great asset to any early stage company. He deeply understands market trends and changes in a way most VCs don’t. Radhesh contributes hands-on experience from day 1 and brings in meaningful connections and introductions that shape your business in a progressive way. I am convinced that Radhesh’s conviction for exploring new tech and deep empathy for founders can be a great asset to any early stage company.


Founder, Dotin Inc
(acquired by Open Sesame)

Radhesh has made an enormous difference to our business from the time he has invested in us and continues to make a difference. He has greatly expanded the investors, customers, and partner reach. Radhesh and Arka Venture Labs have been proactive and have played a crucial role in our success with their excellent coaching and insights into what we needed to succeed as a seed-stage venture. We have never worked with such an empathetic, dedicated, and hard-working team that genuinely cares about our venture’s success and growth. They are more like an extended team than just a VC. They will make a significant difference for you and your business – just trust their process.

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